Occupational Therapy Services

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Is 1 session a week just NOT enough? 

kidspOT Occupational Therapy services understands that sometimes, your children might need some extra time with the equipment. Because of this we offer extra gym time during the week! 

​Monday- Friday: 45 min. slots available, pre-scheduled with assistant@kidspotvt.com 

Saturday: 10:00am-2:00pm, no scheduling needed, free time with your children, siblings, the whole family! If you're planning on coming on a Saturday, you don't need an appointment, but please call and let us know! We want to make sure there is equipment and space available for everyone who wants to come! 

On any of these given days, there may be other children and families in the space as well, providing great opportunities for socialization and practicing peer interactions! 

Please note- children must have a parent or PCA to supervise them directly during their playtime sessions. An employee will be available to ensure the safety and correct use of equipment. 

Payment Options: 

     Weekdays: 45 min. blocks: $15.00

​     Saturday: $20.00 for the whole family (up to 3 children p/ family) 

     1 month: $40.00

     3 months: $105.00

     6 months: $180.00 

*Monthly payment plans covers Saturdays only*