Our mission at kidspOT isn't to focus solely on our kids but to work with the family as a whole, and to provide support for everyone, which is why have we spaces for both our kids and their parents. 

For our kids, we have two available therapy spaces open for their use during sessions. The 'gym' side of our space has a large variety of equipment including 4 types of swings, a crash pad, bowling pins, rings, a ball 'bath', a play tent, basketball hoop, and more! If your child is feeling like they need to decompress with some quiet time- perfect! We also have a 'calming' room- dark and quiet, with each corner set up with a different light display! From the aurora borealis to a meteor shower to a bubble tower, each corner has their own bean bag chair for the child to sit in comfort while relaxing and enjoying the space. 

For parents we have a beautiful entry space with comfortable chairs, a bubbling fountain to help you relax, and free tea and coffee to enjoy while the OT is working with your children. 

We will also be hosting a weekly parent social, where parents will be able to get together enjoy some coffee or tea and talk about successes, concerns, thoughts and ideas.

To schedule an appointment, please call: +1.802.489.5881. 

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